OzCyber Unlocked

Australian Cyber Week 2020 – learn, network, grow

October 16, 2020 AustCyber Season 1 Episode 4
OzCyber Unlocked
Australian Cyber Week 2020 – learn, network, grow
Show Notes

Australian Cyber Week 2020 is the fourth annual showcase of Australia’s vibrant and dynamic cyber security sector, being held in a virtual format from 26-30 October. 

Cyber Week provides opportunities for Australian cyber security and related organisations to showcase their capabilities and network with peers, potential investors and customers. It also provides a great way for cyber curious individuals and organisations to better understand what cyber security can do and mean for them. 

This year, we have 30 online and (COVID-safe) in-person events and activities – spanning the full breadth of the cyber security landscape for those within the sector, but also well beyond.  

In episode four of ‘OzCyber Unlocked’, we speak to a range of guests and partners featured during Australian Cyber Week 2020, including:

  • James Turner – Founder of CISO Lens
  • Scott Handsaker – CEO of CyRise
  • Tamara Baker – Australian Cyber Week 2019 ‘champion’ and a year 10 school student with aspirations for a career in cyber security
  • Neil Templeman – Director at Baidam Solutions

We focus specifically on two events – ‘Sky’s the Limit’ and ‘Culture shock – barriers to diversity are the barriers to growth’ and discuss:

  • The role of private sector in building a secure Australia
  • How pitching to corporates is different from pitching to government
  • Why it’s so hard for Australian companies to get noticed and how companies can ‘stand out’
  • The barriers to diversity in the Australian cyber security sector 
  • What can be done now to improve inclusivity in the workforce 

This month’s ‘cyber spotlight’ features Casey Ellis from Bugcrowd. Bugcrowd is a crowdsourced security platform. It’s one of the first companies to embrace and utilise crowdsourced security and cyber security researchers as linchpins of its business model. Founded in 2011, Bugcrowd has grown into one of the largest bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure companies on the internet.

For more information about the organisations featured, visit:

To register for Australian Cyber Week 2020, visit www.cyberweek2020.austcyber.com.